• Thermal Imaging

  • “We can see it before it becomes a problem”

    Boyd Wilson Electrical now offers thermal imaging using the Flir T-Series thermal imaging camera and reporting software to detect and report on temperature differences.

    Our operator is a registered electrician and certified infrared thermographer with over 20 years experience in industrial and commercial environments.

    Only registered electricians can remove switchboard covers as they know how to interpret the data gathered during the inspection and recognise if the recorded temperatures are within normal levels.

  • Detailed Report

    Our thermographer will provide a report on your facility, identifying any potential hot spots along with recommendations on what to repair and what to monitor, ranked according to urgency.

    We can arrange parts and get things fixed before they cost you a lot more money in downtime.

  • Maintenance Plan

    We can put a preventative maintenance schedule in place, so you can plan your maintenance to suit you. We understand preventative maintenance cycles and can provide an equipment register with a friendly reminder system.

    We advise pre-maintenance inspections to ensure effective downtime.

  • Arrange a Survey

    To determine the current state of affairs at your facility, we recommend having a thorough Thermal Imaging Survey conducted on all pertinent areas.

    Survey includes inspecting:

    • Busbar Ducting
    • Conveyor Rollers
    • Electrical Switchboards
    • Energy Loss
    • HV Switchyard and Power Lines
    • HV/LV Power Transformers
    • Motor Control Equipment
    • Pump and Motor Bearings
    • Refractories
    • Scale / Restrictions
    • Steam Traps
    • Tank Levels
  • To arrange a survey,
    contact Carey on 03 572 7448
    or carey@boydwilsonelectrical.co.nz