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  • Experience is Invaluable

    With a background in design and implementation,
    Boyd Wilson Electrical Ltd has a delivery perspective on the end results
    and on achieving practical outcomes.

    We can make statements of fact by drawing on our experience
    in identifying and effectively managing development and execution risks

    This starts from project conception. Not everything can be anticipated, however,
    most of the implementation pitfalls can be avoided if like experience is leveraged earlier
    in the project life cycle and, if possible, in the conceptual design stage.

  • Electrical Installation

  • Functional Machine Safety

  • Irrigation & Water Systems

  • Motor Starters & Variable Speed Drives

  • Process Control & Plant Automation

  • Programmed Maintenance

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Most of our work, or at least our target market, is industry. With industry, the true or major expense is downtime. So what most of our customers are after is process reliability.

    Quite often we may not be the cheapest in the short term but our design and build projects have a very high level of process reliability and ease of maintenance built in. Therefore over the life span of the equipment/job, the investment is very cost effective.

    All of this comes from years of experience in the maintenance field and being benchmarked with KPI and measuring OEE looking for continuous improvement ...and measuring it!

    Andrew Boyd, Owner of Boyd Wilson Electrical